The Top 7 Free Pregnancy and Parenting Apps (In my opinion)

During my pregnancy I discovered loads of great apps to use both before, and after the birth. A lot of the pregnancy and parenting apps out there are very similar; they give you information about the stages of pregnancy, and the developments of baby. The 7 that are listed below, I think, cover all areas of knowledge and features you will want to use. Let me know your experiences with them, or if you have any apps that you think should be on the list…
1. Baby Buddy
What it is: The Baby Buddy app gives you daily personalised information, throughout pregnancy and the first stages of motherhood.
What I love: The app has an appointments page, which allows you to keep track of all your upcoming midwife, doctor and scan dates. I found this particularly useful during my pregnancy.
2. Mush
What it is: This is a social app, that allows you to meet and chat with other mums who are nearby, using your location. You can select from a list of hobbies, interests and qualities to find like-minded mums.
What I love: There are so many people to connect with on this app. You are sure to find women with similar interests who live nearby. I have had lots of lovely conversations with mums in my area with baby’s the same age, who I plan to meet up with soon.
What it is: This app shows your baby’s developments week by week of your pregnancy, as well as providing you with daily articles on different topics of parenthood.
What I love: I liked being able to see how much my baby had grown each week of my pregnancy, and what part of their body had developed. This app also has a birth chat feature, which allows you to participate in group chats with expectant mothers, who are due the same month as you.
What it is: The app for the Mothercare store makes it easier for you to shop online. It also has a range of other features such as a contraction timer, baby names list, and tunes for bump and baby.
What I love: It has an essentials checklist, that I used when preparing for baby’s arrival. Anything I didn’t have I could browse for on the app.
5.Todays parent my family
What it is: This app is a personalised guide for your baby’s age. You can get tips, health information, recipes and developmental advice.
What I love: It has a milestone tool, that allows you to track baby’s feeding and naps. I found this helpful in establishing some sort of routine so I’d know the best times to go out, or have friends over.
What it is: Peanut is an app that helps you to connect with other mummies or women who are expecting. You can create a simple profile and get using the app straight away.
What I love: I love the simple tinder style layout, that allows you to connect with the people you want to with a simple flick of the finger.
7. Bounty Pregnancy
What it is: This app is a visual guide throughout your pregnancy. It shows your baby’s developments, and gives key bits of information.
What I love:  You can get access to discounts and special offers on brands like pampers. You can also claim bounty packs, which have a lot of goodies for you and baby. In one of the packs I got a stretch mark cream, which I use everyday and still have loads left!




  1. October 13, 2017 / 12:08 am

    I liked the Baby Center app but you have to be careful of really judgy people. It’s such a difficult time adjusting to a new baby and having people be mean is not helpful.

    • allthingspink
      October 13, 2017 / 11:43 am

      I have to say I haven’t experienced any mean comments, but that sounds awful. We should all be supporting other women not bringing each other down.

      Maya x

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