Weaning Week: The Messiest Foods To Wean With

I have tried to make weaning my baby girl a fun and enjoyable experience-for the both of us. Unfortunately this sometimes means getting stuck in and putting up with a sticky baby and a messy floor. Here are a list of the top 5 messiest food I have had fun watching my daughter explore!…


Number 5: Mangoes– Mango is my daughters favourite food at the moment, but 50% of the mangoes I give her don’t end up in her mouth!. Its small and slippery and so a lot of it ends up on the floor.

Number 4: Peas– These little buggers get everywhere! They don’t create any permanent damage like some of the other foods I mention but you will find these little green balls all over the dining room.

Number 3: Raspberries– This fruit is a perfect size and texture for my daughter to grab hold of, so she can feed herself. However if you baby has a strong grip like mine you’ll notice their red stained hands at the end of the meal!

Number 2: Tomato SauceMy daughter seems to enjoy blowing raspberries with the tomato sauce in her mouth, so it spatters all over her chair, her face, and my clothes!

Number 1: Avocado -This was actually the first food that I gave my daughter but it was most definitely the messiest. Beware Avocado stains! I thought it would come out in the wash, but a few of her items are now decorated with green circles. The avocado just slips out of my daughters hands and right on to her clothes-even with a full body bib!


Maya x


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