Weaning Week: Products That Make Weaning Easier

Weaning your baby is such a fun experience but can also be a little messy and stressful at times. Here are a few products that have made my weaning experience a little easier…

  • Tidy Tot– This is an all-in-one bib and tray kit that gives complete protection from food mess to baby’s clothes,the floor,and the highchair seat. I don’t use the tray as often as it’s rather large and my highchair already comes with a removable tray, but I find the bib cover up to be really helpful in keeping my daughters clothes free from food stains. The waterproof material makes it really easy to wash off any mess before the next use.
  • Doidy Cup– This offers an alternative to closed cups and spouts. At first I questioned it’s purpose,because the shape of thecup look like a spilling disaster waiting to happen. However, my daughter only needs a small amount of assisting to control the water going into her mouth. It gets her used to a open cup, straight from coming off a bottle, and has great benefits including better oral health and jaw development.
  • Food Pouches– These save a lot of time and effort when it comes to meal times. I started my daughter on single fruits  hen beginning her journeybut I love including food pouches in her meal times now, because there is such a variety of flavours and it honestly just makes life easier. I’ve tried both My First Savse and Piccolo Foods. Both are 100% organic, and have a wide range of different flavours. Having given it to my baby girl and seeing how much she enjoys it, I would recommend both of these brands.

  • Messy Little Thing Bib and travel bag– This Bib reaches all the way to babies ankles so is ideal if you need that extra protection especially if feeding baby in a public highchair with no tray to catch the mess. The travel bag is perfect for keeping the mess contained and easily fits into any size bag. I particularly love the soft and gentle fabric of this bib, it feel very comfortable for my baby girl to wear, and doesn’t restrict her at all during meal times.

*Disclaimer: Some of these products were gifted to me, but all recommendations are based on my own opinion on trialing the product. To read my disclosure policy in more detail you can find it here.


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