8 Month Update

My baby girl has discovered so much in this past month, she has started to shuffle on her tummy-which means I can’t leave her playing on the floor and expect her to stay in the same spot! She isn’t exactly crawling just yet but she can push up on all fours, and still manages to get across the room…backwards! Our weaning is going very well, she is now on 3 meals a day and eats anything that I put in front of her. One of my birthday gifts was a blender so I started to experiment with foods for her so I’m not just relying on packets (they are so helpful and easy but lets face it who has £2.70 to spend on one packet of baby food!). She is becoming more independent and wanting to hold the spoon herself. It’s fun but definitely a messy task so muslin clothes are my number 1 ESSENTIAL products. We use the Fofolino muslin, which is 100% cotton and can be reused so many times…and looks really elegant. She also loves to hold it, because its such a soft comforter, which makes it less of a battle to get her cleaned up after meals. We were lucky enough to have one sent to us but I’m definitely considering investing in some more.








The weather (as you probably already know!) has been so horrible which means most of our days have been spent inside with a few quick trips into town or to the supermarket. Now that we are entering spring however, I really want to get out more with her. There is a swimming pool just opposite our houses so there really is no excuse not to go and do a bit of swimming with her. Her swimming class has finished it’s term, so I definitely want to keep her used to the water. I wish I had the confidence to join some mummy-baby groups but I feels so awks attending on my own! I am planning on going to some sensory rooms though, that you can just turn up to on the day. She is at the age now where she can take so much in, and needs lots of stimulation and fun in her life!

One thing that I am beginning to stress about is my return to work. A part of me is looking forward to it but the other part of me is dreading the thought of being away from my baby girl. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to cope for the first few weeks, but it’s acceptable to sneak off to the toilet and check up on her with a phone call right? I think my employers might be sick of me already to be honest because I keep calling in to ask about my return and what I have missed in my absence! I know once I’m settled in I will feel a lot more relaxed, but right now I have million things running through my head like what if I’ve forgotten what to do, what if there’s loads of new people I don’t know, what do I wear! I feel like it’s my first day at a new job all over again.

Anyway I’ve got a few more weeks until I have to face all of that, so I going to concentrate on enjoying the rest of my maternity leave with my happy, smiley baby girl.


Maya x


*Disclaimer: The Fofolino muslin was gifted to us, but all opinions and pictures included in this poster my own. To read my disclosure policy in more details please click here.


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