With Love Libby


Dear Daughters of The World,

I hope you always stay curious

& Fill your hearts with love,

I hope your body grows old but your mind stays young.

I can only hope your bursting with lots of intuition-

That you daydream your path to reach your ambitions.

That you look kindly on others & show compassion,

That you love yourself-

That you praise yourself-

That you teach others with passion.

I hope you are calm with a fiery spark,

To know when to turn right when you submerged in the dark.

I am not asking for you to be perfect or to be the best.

I wish you will become humble & stay close to the earth.

Although I hope you dream-

As high as the sun,

To breath in fresh air-

In those unharmed lungs.

I hope in the future you find a feminist lover,

To pass on your knowledge-

if you are also a loving mother.

Love Libby X

This letter was written by Libby you can find her on Instagram over at @youthfulmama


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