Bibetta Luxury Bib Review

We get through so many bibs every day-partly because she is a messy eater and partly because I don’t want to spoil her fun. Either way, I’m having to constantly get fresh bibs out the drawer for each meal. I was so excited to try Bibetta’s luxury bib to see how it compares to the everyday bibs I was using. I was impressed with how much it absorbed and didn’t leak through to my baby girl’s clothes. It actually has a waterproof middle layer bonded inside between the two, soft plush layers to keep baby’s skin and clothes dry. It really does make for a #messnostress situation.

The style of the bib is very classic and elegant. It is a soft white colour with a grey trim and has a cute little teddy embossed on the front. My favourite thing about the bib, however, is the feel of it- it is so beautifully soft! The fit is perfect, it fits snug around my daughter’s neck, without feeling too clingy for her. It is secured with velcro, making it easy to get on and off. The bib absorbs the mess and leaves it dry for another use throughout the day if you wish; the stains of food still remain but that is inevitable I suppose. The bib goes into the washer and dryer like most others.

You can purchase this Bib directly from Bibetta’s website for £5.99 or from Amazon. It does seem a little expensive when you can get a pack of 5 ordinary bibs for that price, which is probably worth doing anyway as you can never have too many! However, I can not fault the quality of this product. It feels so much nicer than any of the other bibs we own, and you can tell my baby girl prefers it as she doesn’t make a fuss when I put it on. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

Maya x


*Disclaimer: Bibetta sent me a luxury bib to review, however, all opinions and photos are my own. To read my full disclosure policy please click here.


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