With Love Linda

Dear Daughters of the world,
Let your innocence grow into beautiful curiosity. This, in turn will grow into wisdom.
Patience and kindness are the traits everyone should hope to have. I hope you find them in abundance.
You’ll find out things about yourself you didn’t think were possible.
Life will throw many things at you. Good and bad. Learn from both. Humility is so important. What you give out will come back in one way or another.
Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Trust me. No one will be tougher on you, than you. If you learn from those mistakes. The lesson was there for a reason.
Your life ahead will be full of decisions. Make them wisely. Don’t be hasty. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.
Listen to those who truly and unconditionally love you. They learned from those who loved them, thus.
Follow your heart and your head in equal measure. The things that are the most valuable don’t have a price tag. Love, kindness, grace, humility and patience.
Never lose your inner child. Fun is the key to staying young. Your smile will light up the world.
Pass your wisdom on with the grace you’ve learned.
You’re magic. Pure magic
Love Linda

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