The Top 4 Toys in Our Toy Box (8 months+)

So here is the list of my baby girl’s top 4 favourite toys at the moment. The age range of the toys varies slightly but I would say all are suitable for ages 8months and above… There are some great toy deals around- and through this link, I am able to give you a voucher code for toys.

4.Wooden Tap and Roll Bench

I love the design of this toy, it is a beautiful light wood with soft-cornered edges and colourful touches. It comes with a hammer and 3 different coloured balls. My baby girl’s favourite thing is most definitely the hammer that comes with it! So she hasn’t quite grasped the concept of hammering the balls through the hole so that they can go down the ramp but she definitely loves that hammer! I think she’ll start using this toy properly in a few months but she still enjoys helping mummy play with it now.

3. Zebra Pop Up Ball Pit

Okay so this isn’t exactly a toy, but my daughter loves playing in her ball pit so I had to add this in. Mums this is a great way to keep your child and happy and in one place! The walls of the ball pit are pretty flimsy but my daughter is usually content sitting within there and playing with her toys. We love the beautiful vibrant colours and animal decoration on the ball pit and the colourful balls that come included. Setting the pit up and taking it down is really easy and means we can take it with us when visiting grandparents or even just to play out in the garden.

2. Fisher-Price Bright Beats Groove & Glow BeatBo

This is such a fun toy, and so easy to carry around. It’s my go-to toy for car journeys and family house visits.  It has a lovely soft cushioned feel, with an interactive light-up feature that plays sing-a-long songs at the push of a tummy! We especially love the bright and colourful design of this toy. This can be purchased in Tesco, Amazon or The Early Learning Centre- which is actually the cheapest at £9.99. *Warning, songs are extremely catchy!*

1. Light n Go 3-in-1 Activity Walker in Pink

My daughter absolutely loves this 3 in 1 activity walker. There are so many fun elements to it that it keeps her entertained for ages! There are 3 different modes words, music and wild so it can cover pretty much every mood your baby or toddler may be in! My daughter loves the music mode and also the piano keys. At the moment we have it in the sit and play position on the floor, as my daughter is still learning to crawl. However, it can later be used as a walker and table when she is up and moving on her feet. I don’t think that will be very long either as she used the walker to pull herself up onto her feet for the first time the other was very exciting stuff!The Activity Walker can be purchased from Little Tikes for £39.99.

*Disclaimer: Some of these toys were gifted to me, however, my opinions of the product are unbiased and honest and all photos are my own. To read my full disclosure policy please click here.


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