With Love Maia

I Never Knew

Dear daughters of the world,

I never knew,

where my missing piece of the puzzle I call life was,

until I found you.

I never knew,

the overwhelming strength I had down deep inside,

until I met you.

I never knew,

what the world’s most beautiful miracle looked like,

until I saw you.

I never knew,

the most glorious sound to which my ears could listen,

until I heard you.

I never knew,

how the purest & most unconditional love truly felt,

until I held you.

I never knew,

simply the greatest joy I could ever wish to experience,

until I kissed you.

I always knew,

to teach you to reach for the stars your whole life through.

So follow in my footsteps baby,

let me guide you.

Love Maia


Written by: Maia (@MammaMaia_)

Dedicated to: My little darling Cali Lucienne x


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