10 Month Update

My baby girl is double digits!! I can’t believe how quickly the months fly by but it definitely seems like I only just wrote last months update. Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly the go that I don’t take time just to sit back and reflect on each month until I write these posts. No that I’m back at work I’m finding that I get so tired that all I want to do is go to bed! I think a part of that though is needing to build up my stamina. I’ve been saying it for ages but I really do want to get fit, not just for my physical appearance but also so I can feel stronger and more energetic. I take iron supplements as I have really low iron anyway, which doesn’t help, but I definitely am not as healthy as I would like to be. One of the things I did this month was taking some time to create a vision board, which I hope will push me to make a few positive changes in my life. Getting fit being one of them, but also the bigger goals that I want to start working towards. I am most definitely a believer in positive affirmations and so if I believe in what I am writing then I know there are good things to come.

One thing I have been loving this month are the heatwaves! I definitely am happier when the sun comes out, and I feel like there is so much more that I can do to with my baby girl. We’ve been on a few picnics in the park (You may have seen from my recent YouTube video) and it’s so much fun! She is so content when we are outdoors because there is just so much for her to gaze upon. I love just lying back on our picnic blanket and watching her take it all in. She also had her first dip in the paddling pool last week. We haven’t been swimming since we stopped our WaterBabies lessons so it was nice to see her back in the water. I know it’s not quite the same but she enjoyed splashing around in the pool just as much as she did in the big pool.

She is now officially a little crawler, although she prefers to lunge and reach for things instead of actually moving her legs! But she manages to find her way around the room-very quickly I might add- and is now on the stage of pulling herself up. I have only just got used to having my baby crawling around, I can’t imagine her actually walking…not just yet. It’s a little bit emotional *soppy moment* But she is growing so fast and I feel like I’m not ready for all these changes. Time is moving so rapidly that I just want to hold onto all of these treasured milestones. That being said I am so excited to watch her grow and shape her into the strong, intelligent and kind young girl I know she will become.


Maya x






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