With Love Wiktoria

Dear Daughters of the World,

From the minute you will take your first breath, people will have an opinion on you. Whether it’s the name your parents chose, the outfit they put you in, perhaps a distant family member wished you were a boy. As you grow, you will constantly face other people’s opinions – and there will be many, I promise you that. Don’t let them define who you really are.

You see, us mother’s, women of this beautiful Earth, are gifted. With a kind help from our beloved men, your father’s, we create miracles, which we carry around inside of us, until you’re ready to face this world, full of wonders, but also full of cruelty. Our daughters, you also have this generous gift. If anybody ever makes you feel, like you’re worth less than your mama made you believe, don’t ever forget what your body and mind are capable of.

And if your body decides, that you cannot carry another human inside of you – that’s fine too. Biological or not, you have the power to be a mother figure, all you have to do is love and nourish.

Our daughters, be strong. Be fierce. Most of all, be YOU. You have the power, strength and resilience to choose exactly who you want to be. Be kind, to yourself and to others. Explore the wonders of this world. Have fun, make mistakes. Love, wholeheartedly and don’t be afraid of making the wrong decision. Those choices are there to teach us and you will always have your mama to pick you right back up. You see, I’m a 23 year old mother, yet I still rely on my mum, now more than ever. I seek advice, guidance and love every single day. She is my best friend, as I will be yours, throughout every single step you take.

Daughters of the world, our ancestors have fought for our rights. Right to vote, right to be equal. They have allowed us to cherish the power and the importance we are entitled to. Let’s repay them, by making this world a better place, for your sons and daughters to come.

Be brave, be invincible, be you. Us, mothers of the world, will always be there for you, as we stand in unity, to love, protect and watch you flourish.

Love from,



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