With Love Claire

Dear Daughters of the World,

I have three daughters all under 8, they are feisty and independent and hugely frustrating! I look at their passion and determination and I’m in awe of their energy and drive… and they wear me out. I suspect I was the same as a child, and I look to my mother with a new appreciation of how hard it is to raise independent girls. I imagine all the amazing things they will do in their lives, the people they will love with such passion, the friends they will offer such loyalty and compassion, the work they will achieve and the causes they will fight for. It could go in any direction currently – as they learn about boundaries and kindness I can see how they could run a thriving business, a charity, an empire or a gang…!

I wish so much for them, but mostly that they will find people and places that make them happy, who will fully appreciate the depth with which they feel and will return their fierceness with love and support. I admit that I don’t always do this myself, I find their behaviour frustrating and their non-compliance and argumentative natures hard to deal with in the everyday moments of our family… and then I take moments like this and  have a feeling that I will be enormously proud of their accomplishments in the future; that the strong women I suspect they will become will be a wonderous thing to behold. And even if they mellow and are not the same as adults, I’m so grateful to have seen them fight their corner and be themselves, well… most of the time!

As a mother there are so many things I want them to understand, about our fights for equality and opportunity, about the potential they have to love and be loved and so many important life lessons that I know they will experience that I wish I could make easier for them… their first heart-break will be so hard to watch inevitable though it is. I didn’t have a sister, and I envy them that potential lifelong friendship and companionship.

So go – take on the world with your fire – but please, please, please put your shoes on when I ask so we can all go fight the fire together!

With love from your fiercely independent mummy xx


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  1. May 28, 2018 / 8:44 am

    What a beautiful letter from Claire. Let’s all get our shoes on and fight the fires x

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