Personalised Children’s Book Review

Books are such an important part of childhood, in my opinion, I have grown up being told to read constantly. It is such an important part of learning, development and creating a beautiful mind of creativity. My daughter is only 10 months old but I still make sure I read to her every day. We were fortunate enough to be sent a personalised children’s book from Which is one of my favourite books to read to her because it is all centred around the letters that spell her name.

Titled ‘The Magic of my Name’, this book takes your child on a journey to discovering the meaning of their name. With beautiful illustrations and colours. I was even able to pick the protagonist of the story; which I tried to resemble my daughter-although my choice was fairly limited! The book is a Poem of sorts, that explains how each letter in a child’s name came to be. Each letter is linked to an attribute and the word choices all reflect character, most of which seemed highly relatable. The book is fairly long and isn’t the most engaging for a 10-month-old, but I’m sure will be better received when she is a little older.

We got a beautiful hardback cover with my daughter’s name on the front, which is a lovely keepsake within itself. The book retails at £23.99 and can be purchased through their website, which was a really easy process for me, They also sell a range of other personalised items, including personalised photo blankets and other photo gifts and canvases. Of course, I have a special discount code for my lovely readers! Just type in ‘ALLTHINGSPINK10’ in the coupon code box when checking out and you will receive 10% off already discounted canvas print formats (so, in total making up to 80 % discount!).

Maya x

Disclaimer: This product was gifted to me in exchange for a review. However, all opinions are honest and unbiased. To read my disclosure policy in full details, please click here.


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