With Love Chloe

Dear Daughters of the World,

I was just 18, sitting my A level exams, and completely unprepared for anything more than my driving test. I was working part-time as a barista, living at home, dreaming of becoming a Norland Nanny. But with you, I want nothing more than what I already have. You’re the happiest, cheekiest and tiniest baba, and there’s nothing I love more than being your mum. I have dreams of you becoming some sort of dancer (a cheerleader, a ballerina – whatever end of the spectrum you choose), and being a clever little bean (good genes, I say) who will fly through school. Although, the thought of you ever going to school completely terrifies me right now. You’ve made me cry in every way you can possibly cry, and you’ve made me smile more than I have ever smiled before. If I can make you half as happy as you make me, I’ve succeeded!

Chlo x


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