11 Month Update

So here we are the last month before my baby girl becomes a year old, a whole number that signifies she has been in this world for a full cycle! I haven’t decided if I’m going to continue these monthly updates so let me know if you would like me to carry on or perhaps do them less often…

I can not tell you how much her personality has grown this past month. I feel like she is no longer my baby but my little girl. Of course, I’ll always call her my baby but she is growing into her own character and becoming more and more independent. We’ve moved onto the last stage of weening now and she is now on proper meals, eating most of the same things as we do. Her favourites are Salmon omelettes and chicken pasta bake. I am still breastfeeding as well as giving her formula and don’t feel ready to give that up just yet. I think I’m secretly more attached then she is. It’s our special bond and I have this fear that once I stop breastfeeding I won’t be as important!

She’s crawling all over the house now and is a little chatterbox. Me and Biniam could have sworn that we heard her say hiya the other day. I wake up in the morning to her little screams, singing ‘baba ba ba’- I love it! it’s the best wake up call…although it’s not quite as cute at 10pm when I’m trying to get her to sleep!

This past month has been ones of ups and downs. Being a mother is the best thing in the world but it doesn’t mean it’s the easiest. I get tired, there are strains on personal relationships, I feel insecure, I question myself constantly… but I know that this is a normal part of life and that I am strong enough to work through all of those different aspects. One of my biggest personal challenges this month was accepting my body for what it is. I have been desperate to get back in the gym and tone up but it’s so difficult to fit it into my schedule alongside, work, uni and looking after baba. I constantly hear ‘You’ve lost a lot of weight’…which may not seem like a bad thing to most people, but it makes me feel really self-conscious. Especially now the majority of my clothes don’t fit me and everything looks out of shape and baggy. I’m still a perfectly healthy weight just not as toned and fit as I would like.  I’m trying not putting too much pressure on myself, but now that my uni has finished for the summer I will have a little bit more time on my hands to get down the gym.

Party preparations are well underway for my almost 1 year old! She is getting baptised in the morning of the Sunday and then having her party in the afternoon. I’m so excited! You might have seen on my Instagram stories but we have gone with a pink and white theme and if my vision comes to life it’s going to look beautiful. I’m considering matching outfits for me and baba, is this too much or shall I go for it?! Let me know thoughts in the comments section below.

Maya x



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