Mums Have the Right to Feel Sexy Too…

So it is no secret that your body changes after having a baby. To put it bluntly, I have had to learn to embrace my saggy boobs and that extra bit of flab that I can’t seem to get rid of around my stomach! However this shouldn’t stop you from feeling confident, our bodies do not define us, nor do they dictate how we feel about ourselves that is up to us. Having a baby doesn’t mean that we should start acting way older than our years and getting out the granny pants…hell no Mums have the right to feel sexy too.

Lingerie is one of the things that makes me feel good about myself. Why? Because it is empowering. It doesn’t matter if no one sees it. Wearing something that makes you feel sexy underneath will help you bring some of that confidence to the outside. So you may think it sounds superficial. It’s a pair of pants for goodness sake Maya calm down! But I’m 99% sure that you would be lying to yourself if you don’t admit to feeling that little bit happier when wearing your favourite lingerie set or push up bra; and why can’t we feel like that all the time? I have been restricted to my bra choice while breastfeeding but since introducing a bottle I love mixing up the style and colour of my bras. My favourite is my Longline Jade Bra from Hunkemöller, it is such a gorgeous red lace design and fits my shape perfectly. I love the longline style because it makes me feel less self-conscious about my waist.

Find the lingerie that suits you and makes you feel good about yourself. Whether that be a push-up bra, a lace bra, a comfy padded bra, thongs, briefs, knickers…whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable and confident in yourself. Whatever helps you love your body and whatever imperfections you may have. I am farrrr from perfect but I bloody love my body. Every stretch mark is worn with pride because it is a reminder that my amazing body carried my child for 9+ months and continues to give her what she needs even now.

…just remember you have the right to feel sexy.

Maya x



*Disclaimer; this post is in collaboration with Hunkemoller, however, all opinions shared are my own. To read my full disclosure policy please click here.






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