With Love Katrina

Dear Daughters of the world,

It’s not you it’s him! That’s right I agree with the stupid line he used to break up with you. I don’t agree with the way he broke up with you. He didn’t see your worth nor value your amazing personality. All your friends knew you were together and now you’re nervous about reliving the breakup all over again. It honestly gets better with time. Time is the greatest healer.

It’s okay to cry, listen to some Adele, curl up into a ball munching on crisps and chocolates to make yourself feel better. It’s okay to question yourself and wonder about the ‘what ifs’ you need some me time, but please don’t get so caught up in your thoughts that you become a shadow of your former self. You need some time away from your phone, stop checking your messages he won’t message you. Please don’t text him he’s not worth it. Trust me. Have a social media detox, nothing worse than seeing your ex having a good time, or your friends posting lovey-dovey pictures with romantic captions

You are an exceptional human being, who deserves to be loved and cherished like the Queen that you are. Breakups can be hard, with my experience I could write a tell-all manual. I want you to be stronger than you have ever needed to be.  After you’ve had your time away put on that brilliant smile, change your hairstyle dance around the living room like a lunatic, and spend time with your friends. Do whatever makes you feel happy.

Remember you are a rare gem with an incredible personality and the biggest heart. It’s not you it’s him.

Love From Katrina xo



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