With Love Natalie

Dear Daughters of the world,

You will never know how truly special you are. Every single one of you are a blessing.

We are living in a world that is full of judgement, pressure to look a certain way, pressure to act a certain way and lead a perfect life.

Being female comes with many labels and expectations. I would love to share some advice with you all.

  1. You don’t need to wear makeup, have perfect hair or expensive clothes to get somewhere in life. Beauty really is only skin deep. Intelligence, confidence and compassion outshine everything.
  2. Don’t settle for someone you aren’t right for. Being without a partner does not mean you are alone. keep your friends and family close,  have hobbies, enjoy living your life the way you want and you will attract the right people. Do not settle for someone who doesn’t respect you, who hurts you and who is selfish. You should be able to share your life equally. Love yourself and be whole without feeling the need to have someone else to meet your needs.
  3. When you meet the right person there is no rush or pressure to get married or to have babies. Take your time, enjoy life and do what is right for you.
  4. Don’t be clouded by other peoples’ judgements, be strong-minded and follow your own path.
  5. Surround yourself with positive people and positive experiences. Negativity drags you down deeper than you will ever imagine. Think positive and always stay in the light.
  6. Don’t take life too seriously. Follow rules, yes, but it’s ok to break a few “guidelines”.
  7. Do something you love – NEVER work for money. Having a fancy car and home does not change your mental state. Filling your life with “stuff” only clutters your home and your mind. Don’t become attached to things, experience life and create amazing memories.
  8. When life gets tough, surround yourself with people you love. Life has a funny way of throwing things at you. You may be in a place when you think nothing can get much worse. I promise you things get better. It all happens for a reason. There are positives in every negative situation. You will find them.

Sending love to all the beautiful daughters, young and old. Thank you for being such a blessing, you are all amazing!


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