With Love Jordan

Dear Daughters of the world,
You are growing up in an interesting time, a time where women are calling for change.
It may be difficult for you to understand, but in some people’s eyes, women are not equal to men. By the time you are old enough to understand how absurd this is, I hope this isn’t the case. 
A quote I always come back to when I think of how I want to raise my daughter is…
“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”
This just sums it all up. As mothers, we want to be strong role models and hope to instil a belief in our daughters that you can do anything you want to do and be whoever you want to be. When I was growing up I truly had no idea that people thought there was such a difference between men and women, because my mother raised me to believe in equality. It wasn’t until I began my working life and started to face gender bias that I became aware of it, but because of my upbringing I held my beliefs strong within me and fought past the bias, this led me to start a successful business in a male-dominated industry. 
I hope you never come across gender bias in your life, and if you do it can be disheartening, sometimes we feel we are going backwards (America has a president who doesn’t class himself as a feminist), in these situations try to look around the world for a positive (Britain has a female Prime Minister), and build on this.
Something I have learnt since becoming a mother, it that there are all kinds of Mothers, who all parenting in many different ways, but there is one thing we all have in common and that is the amazing LOVE we have for you, our daughters. We love you more than words can possibly ever say, and all we really hope for is that whatever you do, you enjoy doing it. Remember happiness is key.
Girls rule. Be awesome.
Love from
Mum, Jordan
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