1st Birthday Gift Guide

If you don’t know that my daughter has just turned 1 then you must be new to my blog and social media channels because I have probably talked about it non-stop for the past few weeks!… So in that case welcome to All Things Pink UK! We received some lovely products from brands and also family and friends. So I thought I would put together a gift guide to give other Mums (or friends/family members) some ideas on what they might want to get their almost 1 year olds…

I have added links to the exact items we have.



Let’s be honest a lot of the presents babies receive will be ones they can’t actually play with e.g clothes, shoes ect so it is always nice for them to receive a toy that they can get out of the box straight away. Just turning one I find the basic toys are more enjoyable for them at this age… you can save all the high-tech gadgets for when they’re a bit older.


2. Bath Toys

If your baby loves bath time as much as mine they will love these toys. It will encourage them to splash around in the bath and have fun in the water!

3. Bedtime accessories

Bedtime accessories can be a lovely gift, especially personalised items that can become keepsakes. Probably not the most exciting for baba but bedtime accessories like sleeping bags are such useful and unique ideas that you know will come in handy.

4. Shoes

Everyone loves a nice collection of shoes and there are so many cute styles and designs to choose from. These are my tops picks from the shoes we received for Ayana’s birthday.

Maya x

Disclaimer: A lot of these items were very kindly sent to me by some lovely companies. However, I have only included items I would genuinely recommend. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.


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