With Love Emma

Dear Daughters Of The World

Although we have never met,

There are a few things that I’m willing to bet:

That when you were born, your Mother swelled with pride

And all of her fears were pushed to one side,

Staring up at her was her new best friend,

A surge of love so pure that it knows no end.

She will have lots of wishes for you

And do her best to make them come true.

‘May she be happy, may she not know hunger,

May she have all the things I didn’t when I was younger.’

She will want you to have a happy home,

And to never feel like you are alone.

As you grow up, the relationship might strain,

Because most teens think their parents are a pain.

There becomes a time that it stops being cool

To hug your mum as you head off to school.

And although to you, it’s not a big thing,

To her it causes a bit of a sting.

She was the one to teach you to walk

And there will now be times where you barely talk.

With any luck this phase won’t last

And you will put those days in the past.

There may be days where you feel pretty low,

You’ll think to the future and just want to know,

‘What does my life have in store’

Because some days life will seem like a bore.

Especially your teens – they aren’t always fun

But at that stage your life has barely begun.

But if it ever feels like everything is wrong

Take a deep breath, remember you’re strong.

Chances are your teens will bring romance,

At your prom someone may ask for a dance,

And although all of these things are so very exciting,

To your mum it will seem time has passed quicker than lightning,

That small little girl she brought into the world,

Has found her own feet, and learnt to be bold.

The years ahead, you may find them tough,

But you’re female – that’s power enough.

So when you look in the mirror, love what you see,

And say to yourself ‘I’m glad that I’m me’.

Love From Emma


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