Being A Mum On A Budget!

So for those of you who can relate to the struggles of being a Mum on a budget or even just being on a budget! This blog post will probably be one worth reading. Working part-time and paying off rent, cars and of course, my baby girl’s necessities means I have had to learn to spend carefully. Without turning this into a rant the council have completely messed me about, and have gone from paying me penny’s to support my family to then saying I owe them! So you know what screw the benefits system I can do this on my own! Here a few things I have learnt about being a young family on a budget…

1.Weekly Shopping

Doing bigger shops is a much better way to get your groceries in. Shopping day by day will mean you would definitely be spending more. I tend to shop in Aldi or Lidl and get things like rice, chicken pasta ect in bulk so I can make multiple meals with the same ingredients.

2. Look for the yellow sticker

Leading on from my last point about shopping wisely, always look for the yellow sticker. Yellow stickers are my best friend! You usually have to eat on the same day or the next but if you like a little treat like a dessert after your meal, this is the best way to get it at half the price.

3. Discount sites

Discount sites like Latest deals are a great way to buy appliances and goods for cheap. Meaning those one-off buys won’t break your bank. This particular site uses its massive community of bargain hunters to find the best possible deals around the country to post on this website and share.

4. Review your contracts

There are often contract like your phone or internet that are ongoing and you have never thought to review. However, you will quite often find that you can find better prices than what you are currently paying. I managed to find somewhere on the internet that Vodafone were doing a deal so I called to set up my internet with them. They thought I had made up the deal because it was too cheap but I found the source and they were forced to honour it! I would suggest reviewing direct debit contract (phone bill, gas, electrics, internet, insurance) and spend a bit of time searching the internet for better prices. You can even go back to your current provider and threaten to leave so they match their competitor’s price.

5. Create a budget plan

Obvious but overlooked! Creating a budgeting plan can help you to visualise what is coming in and out of your account. The best way to do this would be to have your income on one side, expenditures on the other and then work out what money you have left to either put away or use for leisure.


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