Feeling Good in your Baby Bod

I have read so many positive captions on Instagram recently, about women who are either pregnant or postpartum, sharing their love for their body. However, I have also seen a large handful of people complaining or body shaming themselves and so this post is for YOU. This is my short guide to loving your body…

1. Stop scrolling through Instagram and comparing yourselves to girls who photoshop their pics! No seriously, we (and I’m saying we because I catch myself doing it sometimes) need to stop that shit! I can 99.9% guarantee that the tiny waste you goggling over has been edited in airbrush. We all have our own insecurities some people edit to look thicker some people edit to look thinner-why are we trying to please the Gram when everyone is drawn to different body shapes anyway? Be you. That’s all I’m saying…don’t try and keep up with the media because they change their minds about what body shape is fashionable so often that your edits will end up looking all distorted! So delete that airbrush app and start being proud of the bod you rock!

2. Wear lingerie that makes you feel sexy! I have written a full blog post all about this so go check it out if you haven’t already! But it has been proven that wearing lingerie that makes you feel good effects your confidence on the outside and I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Mums, I know your gonna come out me with the “it’s convenient for breastfeeding” and the “but it’s comfortable” excuses. Fair enough ladies but we all need a bit of sexy lingerie in our knicker drawers! The piece I’m wearing in my photo is from the Pamela Reif collection from Hunkmoller and it makes me feel hot!

3. Look in the mirror every morning and say 3 positive affirmations. Mine are: I am strong. I am beautiful. I am kind. Don’t just say it once before you quickly hop in the shower. Look at yourself and repeat those affirmations until you feel it, until you know that it is true. You will step away from that mirror with a reminder of the powerful qualities you hold. It doesn’t matter who says what because you know that you are strong that you are beautiful and that you are kind…and that’s all that matters.

4. (I hope that this post can speak to everyone but this point is especially for the mums or mums to be!) Remember the journey your body has been on…from the minute that little swimmer reaches your egg your body is changing. It is being stretched to its full capacity and the put through the workout of its life by pushing or being operated on to get that baby out and then BOOM all of a sudden it’s out and your body gradually changes again. So Mums give your body some credit! Who cares if you have a few bits of flab or a belly full of stretch marks. They are reminders of that beautiful journey that you brought life into this world. You and your body have made miracles and that should be enough to love your body for what it is.

5. Your body your choice. You have the right to put what you want into your body and the right to make it as you please. I hate the comments people throw around like ‘Your looking really thin’ or ‘Are you really gonna eat another slice of cake’… ‘Yes I am gonna eat another slice of cake Shirley and if it adds a millimetre onto my stomach who the f@*ck cares it’s bloody worth it!’. If you are motivated to go to the gym and keep fit, great. If you are someone who doesn’t care about what they eat, great. If you want a chunky body, great. It is your body and it is your choice. As long as you are keeping healthy by giving the body the basics e.g a balanced diet and enough fuel for the day then the rest is up to you.

Don’t get me wrong I know accepting your body for what it is may not always be as easy as that. If I’m honest it took me a while, and we all have our journeys of discovering self-love but if there’s one thing that you take from this post it’s that you have a beauty like no other because nobody else is you. So please stop trying to be the girl you stalk on Instagram and allow yourself to be the best version of yourself by wearing your bod with a confidence so strong it is powerful and encourages other women and men to do the same.

Maya x

*Disclaimer: The lingerie featured in the post was gifted to me but all views and opinions in this post come from me!!


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