DIY Christmas Ideas for Festive Family Fun

The festive season can offer so much fun and delight for all of the family, but it can cost a lot of money to deck your house, invest in the right presents and truly get into the spirit of Christmas. As well as this factor, the impersonality of mass produced holiday items can sometimes take away from the whole experience, and replacing some of these with DIY alternatives can build up the excitement for the big day so much more than simply browsing around the local shops. If you want to create a much more unique and affordable christmas for your family to enjoy, and create memories that truly last a lifetime, then read on to uncover some of the best creative tips that can help you begin your festive preparations today!

Craft Christmas Cards

There’s nothing little ones enjoy more than a bit of arts and crafts, and your friends and family will appreciate a homemade Christmas card created by you and your gang much more than an off the shelf alternative. It couldn’t be simpler to make such an item, as you only need a few materials to do an excellent job. First of all, head down to your local stationery store to find some thick paper that can act as the body of your card, and then search for equipment like paints and brushes, felt tip pens, assorted glitter and PVA glue to hold it all together. Lay out some newspaper to protect your carpet from the mess and let your children go wild, exploring every avenue of their festive creativity. Write each merry message inside and ask your little ones to sign their own names for a much more personal feeling, then pop your rustic seasons greetings in the postbox in time for the big day. Whenever you receive any in return, allow your babes to rip open the envelopes and display them proudly around your home.

Individual Decorations

The general scope of Christmas decorations in stores tend to be very similar, and though regularly covered in lights and bells provide little excitement or addition to your families anticipation for santa to make his way down the chimney. Creating a festive environment at home is such a joy, and spending time making your very own decorations that can be treasured forever brings so much positivity too. From homemade buntin crafted from simple yet complex-looking paper snowflakes, to small clay figures molded into shape to show a scene of reindeers and pine trees galore, there are so many options for you to choose from. Encourage your children to do some art and sketch out a christmas scene, and hang their impressive work for all to see making use of glue dots and dispensers to leave your walls free of any marks. Christmas isn’t complete without a tree, but covering it in the same old decorations you use every year can take away some of the excitement and festivity. Alternatively, crafting some new and improved baubles and ornaments to cover your new living room pine can be so much fun, and you can treasure the decorations your little ones make for years to come. There are so many sets you can purchase in haberdashery and childrens toy stores that contain all of the materials and instructions you need to create some cute and unique knick knacks with your kids, so why not get your art on and encourage your children’s imagination this christmas!

Festive Food Feast

With one of the most important aspects of christmas being the belly busting dinner  and various treats you get to share with your nearest and dearest, all festive food can play a big part in making the most of the holiday period. Get baking with your children and make some cookies and biscuits shaped like presents and snowmen, and buy some decorative icing for them to finish the job with a little bit of personal flare. If they might prefer something savoury, cheese straws are often a big hit with tiny tums. When it comes to your all-important christmas day dinner, the main event of the day, you have to pull out all the stops to wow your guests and ensure that nobody leaves the table without a full stomach. Start by establishing the eating habits of your family, for example whether anybody is vegetarian or vegan, or suffers from any allergies or intolerances, so that you cater to all individual needs. Generally, a turkey or bird is the centrepiece, and its supported by a generous array of side dishes and accompaniments that come together to build a huge plate of flavours. These could be roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, stuffing balls, all kinds of vegetables including carrots, parsnips, sprouts and so much more – with a big array of food laid out for guests to pick and choose from, you create such a warm atmosphere around the table and can ensure that there’s something available for everyone, no matter what their preference.

Gifts Galore

One of the trickiest (and most expensive!) parts of Christmas is purchasing presents for your family and friends. You may initially question whether this is an aspect which you can switch up to become DIY related, however there’s no reason why you cannot craft and create some gifts for a unique and thoughtful alternative to the usual unoriginal store bought counterparts. From delicious cakes, cookies and other foodstuffs that can be gobbled up with joy, to more personal things like knitted items or some kind of pottery statue – use your initiative and think outside the box to craft some really individual presents with the help of your babes.

Instead of spending hours browsing around the aisles of your local shopping centres filled with mass produced and unoriginal products that provide little creative joy, get crafting with your children and make some unique and beautiful Christmas cards, decorations, and gifts for your family and friends to treasure forever. Skip ready made meals and get cooking to make a festive feast for a day to remember!


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