3 Ways To Give Your Home A Fresh Look

Now is a great time to plan a few changes around your home. With the darker, gloomier days drawing in, it can be fun to work on a project brightening up your home. You might want to tackle the entire home or perhaps there is one room that has been bothering you for a while. We spend so much time in our homes that it’s best to be able to enjoy every single room of it, so do not settle for anything less. Taking on a few interiors updates need not be expensive or time consuming, as we share with you 3 easy ways to give your home a fresh look. 

When you’re a mum on a budget, you do have to take the time to carefully plan any updates to your home. You will need to be clever with your spending to ensure that your costs all manage to come within your budget. Think about where the priorities lie and then work out the overall effect that you want to achieve in each room. You will probably find that you do not need to redo an entire room, top to bottom, in order to update it. 

Move all of your furniture around

This is by far the easiest way that you can give your home a fresh look. It will not cost you a penny and yet each time you walk in you will feel like it’s a new room! 

Before jumping into this room by room, you might want to look at your home in its entirety as you may find that you can change rooms around. For example, swapping your bedroom with a different room in the house might work better for you.

Once you are happy with the usage of every room, you can start rearranging that furniture. 

You might want to get some help to do this, and if at all possible, it is good to move everything out of the room that you are redesigning to get a better sense of the space available. 

Choose new accessories

Adding a few new accessories to a room can instantly brighten it up and with the sales running at the moment, now might be a good time to snap up a few new items. 

You might choose to buy colourful ornaments, restaurant quality napkins, new throw cushions or perhaps a new lamp or lighting to create a feature. 

These will be little things that can change the feel of a room for you and are very quick and easy to put into place. 

Paint those walls

Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to decorate your home and it doesn’t tend to take long to paint an entire room. You can get a whole new look in just one day. 

Perhaps your living room could do with an update or your bedroom would benefit from a new colour? You do not have to paint the entire room, it might work to just add a feature wall

Pick up a few paint charts and browse for ideas. You will find that sites like Pinterest and Instagram are crammed with interiors inspiration.

Love Maya x


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