You don’t need to choose between being a Mum and having a career…

Being a Mum doesn’t have to hold you back, infact it is just another reason to work harder for things you’ve always wanted. For many mums, transitioning to a career, especially one as intense Law is a big move. Traditionally, getting qualified as a legal professional involved years of study and massive expense. 

The landscape of law careers has changed dramatically, however, since then. New methods and technology are making their way into the syllabus, making it easier for mums to pick up a course and choose a brand new career direction. 

Increasingly, schools are focusing on combining education with experience. The idea here is to not only give legal professionals and understanding of the letter of the law but how it applies in the real world in various sectors. The legal requirements of an accounting firm, for instance, differ considerably from those of a factory. The practical implementation of the law changes for each.

Educational establishments are also changing their curricula to accommodate the job market. More lawyers than ever before are required in the health and business sector to ensure that firms meet their compliance targets. Issues such as tax and family matters are also becoming increasingly popular areas of practice for members of the legal profession. 

As the following infographic shows, the entire process has become much more friendly to working mums. Many law schools now offer flexible teaching online blended with traditional methods. There’s also a shift of course materials off-campus, creating flexibility for students to study in the manner in which they wish. 

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in law, check out the following infographic. It shows just how much things have progressed over the last few years.

Infographic by University of Southern California

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