Weaning Week: Tips and Tricks

This is the last post in my weaning Week series so I thought I would finish with a few tips for you based on my experiences and what I have learnt over our weaning process so far…

  1. Eating at the same time as baby makes them feel included in meal times, and more likely to eat if mummy and daddy are eating too!
  2. Always have wet wipes or muslins on hand. It’s easier to wipe as you go to avoid sticky hands going everywhere; although this is sometimes inevitable.
  3. Babies often want to try to feed themselves so put a small amount of food on the spoon and allow them to have control.
  4. At the start of the process wean them on the same food for 4-5 days, so that you can see if it causes a reaction. It also means allergies can be easily identified.
  5. Breast/Bottle feed an hour or so before feeding. If baby is hungry the won’t pay much attention to the food you put in front of them, as all they’ll want is milk.
  6. Let your baby lead. For the first few months there is no pressure on how much food you baby is actually taking in, so allow them to explore and take in what they want.
  7. Full body bibs mean your baby can have fun exploring their foods, without you worrying about long terms stains!
  8.  Lots of smiles and ‘Good job’s!’ makes eating times a positive experience for baby.
  9. Incorporate meal times in your baby’s routine. I feed her once at 1 after her mid morning nap and again at 6pm before giving her a bath and getting her ready for bed. I have noticed an improvement in her sleep since starting weaning, so you can really use it to your advantage and put in practice a familiar daily routine.
  10. Get involved! Weaning is an exciting time for the both of you so get messy and have fun!

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