3 Ways You Can Build Self- Confidence In Your Child

Not every child is confident. Some of them are shy, hesitant to try new things, and struggle to manage successfully in social interactions. Some children grow out of this, of course, although other children can retain their lack of confidence as they progress in life.

This is why it’s important to build self-confidence in our children when they are very young. With our help, they can get off to the best start in life, and this will help them both academically and socially when they get to school.

So, what steps can you, as the parent take, to help your little one?

You can give your child opportunities to try new things

The more learning experiences your child has, the better. They won’t be successful at everything, of course (more of this in a moment), but there will be some activities that they excel at. So, fill your home with learning toys, including those that will help your child count, read, and develop their fine motor skills. Introduce your little one to sports by playing ball games with them. Pick up boys and girls swimwear online and introduce them to water at your local swimming pool. Let them play with others so they can build their social skills. And go on those day trips with your little one that will offer them opportunities to learn. By building up their skills and knowledge early, your child will have have a head start when they get to school, and they will have the confidence to try the new activities that their teachers will provide for them.

Give your child responsibility

Even at the age of 2 or 3, your child will have the ability to take on certain roles, as I am learning with Ayana at the moment. They will be able to pick up their own toys, feed the family pet, brush their own hair, and choose what breakfast cereal they want to eat. Sure, your child might not do everything with great degrees of success – the dog biscuits might not land in the dish correctly, their hair might still need a comb through after their own valiant attempts – but at least you will have given your child that valuable lesson that you have trust in them. This, in itself, is an excellent way to fill your child with self-confidence.

Be kind when they make mistakes

As we suggested above, your child won’t be successful at everything. They will make mistakes, and this is partly because of their young age, and partly because there will be some things that will never fall into their skill sets. It’s the way you respond when they make mistakes that matters. If you were to scold them, laugh at them, and use words that put them down, you are going to damage your child’s self-confidence. Instead, you need to let them know that it’s okay if they don’t get everything right. You need to teach them how to do better. And you need to go at your child’s pace without pushing them to do things that they are bound to fail at.

There is much more you can do to build your child’s self-confidence, so be sure to commit to further research online. By doing so, you will give them a wonderful start in life, and give them the resilience to retain their confidence, even if they don’t get everything right the first time.

Let us know if you have any other tips for our readers.



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