Five Ways To Put Your Children First

One thing that all parents do is put their kids first before themselves. It’s the natural order of things that we all adhere to in life, but sometimes it means that while you succeed in your roles as spouses, the parent roles are pushed back a little bit. 

Kids compete for time and attention, and while we put them first in everything that we do, we still have dreams and goals of our own that we need to achieve. It’s why we go to work when the kids beg us not to: we have to get things done! Putting our children first sometimes means we balance that with putting our dreams first: after all, if we succeed, so do they. So that things don’t become lost and confused, we’ve got a list of five ways that you can put your children first to ensure you are keeping that balance.

  1. Always Show Up On Time

School plays, school dinner, dance class, karate class – these are all fun hobbies to you, but for your child? Those build up their life, their self-esteem. If you’re not there on time, you are putting them second to whatever else you’re up to in life. Don’t make that mistake. Kids remember this, and it affects them. If you’re unsure you can be somewhere, never say that you can – this leads to a broken promise.

2. Spend Time Together

All you need is love, but you also need time. You need to be in each other’s company; even when it is just sitting around and watching TV. You’re a unit; a whole family that is going to grow and learn together. So, don’t wait around for your kids to want you. Go and make the time with them.

3. Make Sure You Clock Out

Work is important, we’ve already touched on that. It’s good for your children to see you achieve. In fact, going to work is a necessity. However, you can clock out of work and clock in to your family when you get home, and this is going to make a big difference to the way the kids see you. They need to know you will separate work and home – so prove it to them.

4. Plan Ahead

Okay, this isn’t as morbid as it sounds! If you go and see funeral directors, you will be able to plan and pay for a funeral for yourselves and have that written in the will. This is going to take a massive load off of the shoulders of your children when you die – and this is something that you’re doing for your children right now. In the future, they’re going to know that you took care of things one last time.

5. Listen

Kids talk a whole bunch of boring rubbish sometimes. Not everything out of their beautiful little lips is interesting. Sometimes, it’s all on repeat. However, you have GOT to listen to it. Their small words and unimportant witterings are going to be important to them and that’s the bit that counts the most.

This was a collaborative post.


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